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Say No to the Garbage Bag! How to Shower with a Cast

03 November, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Cast Covers for ShoweringLet’s be honest: we all like to save a buck when we can. If the opportunity to avoid spending the extra cash presents itself, we usually jump at it. That’s why it’s no surprise that countless cast-wearers attempt to devise their own cast cover for the shower in the hope of saving some money. “Why spend money on a professionally designed cast cover when I can just jimmy-rig something myself?” Invariably, the most common contraption people come up with is the garbage bag cover. Whether it’s a broken leg or broken arm, many people believe that by simply wrapping a garbage bag around the cast, they can safely prevent their cast from getting wet. The more advanced garbage bag users will wind a rubber band at the end of the bag to try to seal up the hole, or tie up the bag in some other way.

Today, we are here to break the news: a garbage bag is an ineffective cast cover!

You don’t need to take out word for it, either.

Ask anybody who has been in a cast and tried to cover it up with a garbage bag. They will undoubtedly tell you that garbage bags are not effective cast covers for the shower!

Here are some of the reasons why a garbage bag simply doesn’t work to keep your cast dry in the shower:

  1. It is nearly impossible to close the bag properly and to be certain that no water will leak through to the cast. The opening of the cast cover needs to be snugly flush on the skin to ensure complete waterproof protection. With a garbage bag and some duct tape- that is simply not happening!
  2. Even if you were to somehow – miraculously? - figure out how to keep the bag sealed, the force of the shower alone would push the bag out of place. The leakage is inevitable when you factor in the force of the shower water as it hits the bag.
  3. One thing all garbage bag wearers will agree upon: it’s annoying! There is nothing quite as frustrating as repeatedly holding down that bag and hopelessly trying to get the tape to stick, as your grand garbage bag plan fails once again. When you leave the shower, not only do you have a messy garbage bag to rip off of your skin; you also have a damp and itchy cast to deal with.
  4. Most garbage bag wearers will also tell you that they spend a lot of their time in the shower trying to keep their cast out of the water anyways, since they know deep down that there is no way their garbage bag contraption will actually keep their cast dry. Instead of a refreshing and enjoyable experience, showering turns into a nuisance, full of worry and anxiety.

Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on the shoddy garbage bag method. Want to know how to shower with a cast? You can put your trust into DryCast shower protectors, which will keep your cast dry throughout your shower. Our patented model ensures that the cast cover is indeed flush with your skin, snugly pressed against your arm or leg, to keep out all moisture. There is no need to keep your covered cast out of the shower water; it is safely protected from all water, even from the strong force of the shower. DryCast cast covers are easy to slip on, and easy to slip off, and can be used over and over again by the same person. Enjoy a relaxing shower, as you confidently go about your normal business, knowing that your cast is staying dry.

Your cast is too important to be protected by a garbage bag. Getting your cast wet can lead to all sorts of problems, sometimes even the resetting of the cast. Invest in the product that keeps your cast safe and dry – DryCast!



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