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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Cast Covers

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our cast covers for kids and adults. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly through the form or the phone number located here. We enjoy working directly with our customers to make sure they choose the right product and size.

Why is DryCAST the best cast and bandage protector available?

The philosophy behind our patented design is simple. We’ve created a seal which is watertight, yet it leaves your limb free to move while it’s in the protector. The diaphragm seal design automatically seals as the protector is applied, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure water tight seal.

Why doesn’t Bloccs Swim utilize a vacuum pump?

If you’ve used products that seal cast sleeves with pumps, you’ve probably experienced that uncomfortable freezing experience that comes with it. After creating the vacuum seal around your cast, you can no longer move your hand or leg. Bloccs seals without the need to create a vacuum. This allows your hand or leg to move freely. Take a look at the dramatic difference below:

What are the other shipping methods Drycast offers?

UPS ground or UPS second day are the other shipping methods we use.

How quickly can I get my cast protector?

We offer overnight shipping through UPS. During checkout, choose UPS Overnight as your shipping method. All orders received before 3:30 PM EST will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 3:30 PM EST will ship the next business day.

For Saturday delivery or next day early delivery, please contact us.

What is your FREE SHIPPING policy?

Free USPS Priority Shipping is available on U.S. orders over $20. Transit time is approximately 2-3 business days (USPS does not guarantee an exact time frame).

Can I use the Drycast Original Protector for swimming too?

The Drycast Original Protector is designed for showering and while it can be used at the pool or beach, do not submerge in water. The reason is quite simple. The Protector will keep you dry but the active movements usually done while swimming may cause the sealed diaphragm to move and open, allowing water or moisture in. If you’re looking for a Protector for swimming, the Bloccs Swim is for you. Click here to see the Bloccs Swim line.

Can I use the Drycast Protector in the bath?

Yes, we’ve got cast covers for showering and bathing. You can use the Drycast Original Protector in the bath, but you must be careful not to submerge the cover to make sure that the diaphragm seal remains tight.

Can I use the DryCast Shower Protector for Pool Wading, Sand & Going Through Sprinklers?

Yes you can use the DryCast Shower Protector for Pool Wading, Sand & Going Through Sprinklers.

What is the Drycast Protector made of?

The Drycast Original Protector bag is made of 8-ply Taffeta Vinyl which is 8 times stronger than most protectors out there. The Diaphragm is made from a Non-Latex Synthetic material which will not tear or disintegrate and will remain watertight. The Bloccs Swim is made from very durable latex material which is used in wetsuits.

What is the warranty on Drycast products?

The limited warranty on our Drycast products is that they are free of manufacturing defects. It is intended for a single patient use. The Drycast Original Protector has a 4 week guarantee and the Drycast Swim has a 2 week guarantee.
Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be no returns accepted.
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DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust DryCAST-Difference Same Day Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST

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