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Showering with a Cast

11 November, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

Cast Protector for ShowerAfter coming home with a cast, there are lots of things you now have to consider:

How will I get around the house? How will I drive? How will I get up and down the stairs? Who will help me with my daily functioning needs? And so many more. But perhaps the most pressing question of all is: How will I shower?

This is truly a critical question. Showering is a daily activity that for most of us is an absolute must, whether it is to wind down at night, or to get us going in the morning. However, if a cast gets wet, there can be serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to take the time and think about the best possible strategies for showering with a cast.

A quick Google search reveals that lots of people haven’t the foggiest notion of how to shower with a cast. Some people think that by simply sticking their foot out of the shower, they will succeed in keeping their cast dry. Ask anyone who has tried that method – it is simply not a good plan. The cast inevitably gets wet, despite the greatest effort to avoid water. Perhaps even more importantly, you could seriously hurt yourself trying to balance yourself while sticking your cast-wearing leg out the shower. The last thing you want is to end up back at the doctor’s office with another broken leg!

Other people have figured out that sticking one leg out of the shower is no solution. Instead, they try something which seems sensible, but is in fact equally fraught with problems: tying a bag around the cast. Whether it is an arm or a leg, a garbage bag wrapped over the cast is simply an ineffective cast cover. Water inevitably leaks through the bag, reaching beneath your cast. Sometimes the bag actually rips, but even if it doesn’t, water tends to seep through the opening, no matter how tight you think you have tied it.

There is only one effective, proven solution for showering with a cast: a waterproof cast cover for shower and bath. A waterproof leg cast cover or arm cast cover ensures that your cast will stay dry. And when it comes to purchasing a waterproof cast protector for shower, there is one company, DryCast, that has been providing shower cast protectors to countless satisfied customers. All you need to do is read through some of our testimonials in order to see what people are saying about our cast covers. Our patented non-latex covers create a 100% waterproof seal while simultaneously allowing complete freedom of movement. The best news is that you can use your waterproof cast protector over and over again. So don’t mess around when it comes to keeping your cast dry: get a DryCast Shower Cast Protector, and say goodbye to balancing acts, garbage bags, and wet casts!

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DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust Free Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST
DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust DryCAST-Difference Same Day Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST

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