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How to Keep Your Wet Cast Fresh, Cool, and Clean

10 October, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

 Cast CoolerNeed immediate cast relief from itchiness, perspiration, or odor? You are not alone! As millions of cast wearers everywhere will attest to, keeping an orthopedic cast clean, dry, and comfortable is no easy task. Whether it’s bacteria and moisture buildup from perspiration, accidental wetting of the cast lining, or the inevitable odor and itch that are part-and-parcel of wearing a cast for weeks on end, cooling cast relief is in high order.

There is no doubt about it: Wearing, eating, sleeping, writing, bathing, working, and even sweating with a cast is a royal pain! In fact, most cast wearers describe the experience of wearing a cast as hot, sweaty, itchy, and downright uncomfortable. If it’s not enough to deal with the inconvenience of sustaining a fracture and living with a broken limb, you may also not be sleeping well at night or you may be staying up at night trying to comfort your children who have sustained a broken arm, a broken leg, or any other type of fracture.

Thankfully, relief is close at hand with new-and-improved special cast care products such as anti-itch sprays, warm cast socks, cast mobility aids, and cast coolers. In fact, a high-quality cast cooler will not only remove moisture and perspiration, protecting the cast lining and keeping the skin under your cast fresh and dry, but it is designed to reduce odor and itch and offer you a well-deserved and much-needed good night’s sleep!

Of course, no matter how good your intentions are, the fact of the matter is that at some stage during the healing process, most casts accidentally get wet. Whether it’s a sprinkling from the shower, an encounter with bath or tap water, or water from the swimming pool, moisture seeping into your cast is a problem. That’s why it is imperative that cast wearers invest in a 100% waterproof cast protector or cast cover.These must-have cast products come in a variety of adult and children’s sizes and can be custom-made to fit the shape of your particular orthopedic cast.

However, the one type of moisture you simply cannot avoid or prevent from getting under your cast is your own perspiration or sweat! And since this trapped moisture is a feeding ground for bacteria growth, you can add a smelly odor, an insatiable itch, and irritated skin to your list of cast complications and complaints.

At this point, you are in need of some instant and effective cast cooling relief. Fortunately, a high-quality cast cooler kills all of these birds with one stone, removing moisture from the cast lining, offering relief to your hot and bothered skin, and making the experience of wearing a cast that much easier to endure.

And now that you have effectively cleaned, cooled, and refreshed the skin under your cast, you might want to keep the good mood going with a fun and fashionable cast cover. Today’s cast covers come in a rainbow of funky and trendy colors and in a whole host of fabrics, patterns, and designs. So decorate your cast today, keeping you looking dapper instead of drab and giving your cast a flash of flair.


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