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Cast Comfort: Help for Your Itchy, Smelly Cast

15 September, 2013 5 comments Leave a comment

Boy Scratching an Itchy Cast

Is Cast Comfort Possible?

Is your itchy cast driving you crazy? Do you or your loved one want out of your cast right now because of itchy skin? Does cast comfort seem unattainable?

As any cast wearer will tell you, the words “cast” and comfort” rarely go together! Not only are casts heavy, cumbersome and difficult to maneuver with, but over time most people with fractured limbs suffer from an itchy, smelly cast which is downright annoying.

Caused by a buildup of bacteria, by a hot, sweaty cast, by a cast which is too tight, or by perspiration or moisture that becomes trapped in the cast lining, the itch, and stink of wearing a cast makes recovery that much harder and unbearable.

How to Keep Your Cast Clean, Cool, and Comfortable

Undoubtedly, a golden rule in good cast care is keeping your cast dry, but did you know that keeping your cast clean and cool is just as important? And while most cast wearers are tempted to relieve itchy skin by scratching with a pencil, ruler, knitting needle, or coat hanger or by pouring lotions inside their cast, another cardinal rule in proper cast care is to keep foreign objects out! Not only can they get stuck inside, but scratching the skin under a cast can lead to infection and other cast complications.

So what’s the best way to get relief from an itchy, sweaty, smelly cast? You can enjoy instant relief by investing in a professional anti-itch spray, designed to cool, dry and freshen skin, remove odors, evaporate moisture, and kill bacteria while your broken bones heal. To reach far-away areas deep inside your cast, the best cast anti-itch sprays come with an extended applicator tube.

How to Sleep with a Hot, Sweaty Cast

Can’t sleep because your itchy, sweaty cast is keeping you awake at night? To speed dry your cast, to reduce odor and itch, and to keep your cast clean and comfortable, you can enjoy a full night’s rest and a good night’s sleep by investing in a cast cooler. Professional cast coolers suck moisture and perspiration right out from the inside lining of a cast, keeping bacteria away and keeping casts odor and itch-free.

Home Remedies for Cast Itch Relief

To curb the urge to scratch under your cast, try some of these time-proven home remedies for cast itch relief:

  • Keep your cast clean and dry at all times
  • Stay away from sand and dirt
  • Blow cool air into your cast from a hair dryer or fan
  • Apply an ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel) to the closest exposed area

Cast Comfort: Walking with a Leg Cast

As any cast wearer will tell you, walking with a cast is no walk in the park! Fortunately, orthopedic specialists have designed a product which can help. It not only keeps dirt, bacteria, and moisture away but is designed to maximize cast comfort for anyone with a broken toe, broken foot, or broken ankle.

Depending on the nature of the fracture, leg casts come in all shapes and sizes. This is what makes one-size-fits-all cast socks the ideal solution. Machine washable and reusable, cast socks easily slip over any cast. They can also be worn over splints, prostheses, bandages, burns, rashes, and skin grafts.

Gone are the days of itchy, sweaty, and smelly casts! Say hello to a new era of enhanced cast comfort and care! Say hello to instant cast itch relief, and to a full and speedy recovery for you and your bones.

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  1. michelle watson February 15, 2017

    I have a stress fracture on my fibula and tibia.at the moment, I have a full cast from hip to toes. I couldn’t get an op on them because of previous health issues as I had blood clots in my legs. I was told by consultant that I would be in cast for 6 months to a years. Eventually I will get a half cast but not for a few months. I’m so glad I came across theses ideas. The itch is soul destroying. I have cried my eyes out because of this, so I’m just going to get my hairdryer and give it a shot. Heres hoping

  2. RAKESH July 06, 2016

    I am feeling like suffocation for my leg. Feeling like my leg has strucked and feeling to ratate my ankle. But plaster ks there. I cant. What to do?

  3. CHARLES January 24, 2016

    Some Small Moving Animals Bite Me Inside My Cast, What Can I Do?

  4. rozlan tajuddin May 01, 2015

    my right hand(wrist) is fractured and now cast on doctor advise

    the main problem is itchy.how can i overcome this problem

    i read the above article but where can i get things like cast sock,anti itchy spray (with extended applicator tube) and cast cooler .Pls help

  5. ruth Berman August 28, 2014

    I am going crazy..where and what is a cast cooler….help me…I cannot concentrate on mu work…and I am driving including myself crazy

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