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    There are times that the bicep is not as "broad" as it should be...for the swim protector to fit properly.
    Don't worry! Call Barry...and he will send at no charge, medical adhesive tape in a roll...to make sure the fit is "tight".
    Barry is so groovy!

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Cast Comfort

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Cast Cooler

Provides cooling cast relief

The lowest price you'll find anywhere!

“We greet the heat with cast comfort and cast cooler.”
- Barry, The Original "Care Bear"

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DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust Free Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help
Cast protection is our only passion! This is all we sell!
Unique Ring and diaphragm, made differently then the competitors..Trusted for over 25 years is the proof.
Drycast is a trusted Medical product, not just another Amazon item.

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Important Fact! Drycast shower also works for wading in pools, going into sprinklers and even on the sand!

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Shower Cast Cover

Cast Protectors for Showers & Pools

A cast shouldn’t stop you from living your life, and it won’t when you try out one of our cast protectors for showers. These affordable cast protectors are roomy and well-fitted. We carry models not only for showers, but also for summer poolside fun. Use our cast protectors for swimming parties at pools, lakes or for any other event where you want peace-of-mind that yours or your child’s cast won’t be damaged by moisture. Blocss patented design guarantees a 100% watertight seal.

Our selection includes waterproof arm and leg cast covers in sizes to fit both children and adults.

Use our sizing tools to find your size now.

Choose DryCast for Cast Protectors

Face it. No one wants to wear a cast.

They're uncomfortable, inconvenient, and awkward. Worst of all, they hinder everyday normal activities like showering. Most Americans jump into the shower each and every morning—Unless they have a cast. For weeks, or even months, a normal and necessary part of your daily routine becomes a frustrating chore.

An obvious solution exists to keep your cast dry: Use a garbage bag and duct tape. But that doesn’t work out at all like it seems like it should in the planning stages. It's frustrating to put on, leaves messy residue, and after all that, it rarely even prevents water from reaching the cast.

We wanted you to have a better, easier cast protector for showers. That's why we invented the DryCAST cast cover system.

Shower Cast Cover

Choose DryCast for Cast Protectors

The philosophy behind our patented design is simple: To create a watertight protector that still leaves your limb free to move. Our diaphragm seal design (see photo below) automatically seals as the protector is applied, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure water tight seal.

Our DryCAST cast cover for showers keeps your cast or bandage completely dry while you're showering. Our Bloccs cast cover for swimming is just as durable and watertight.

We’ve got waterproof arm and leg cast covers provide protection in all the right sizes for both children and adults. Plus, it couldn't be easier to put on. While other solutions require tourniquets, are one-time use, or need complicated pumps, the Bloccs cast protector solution is simple. Pull it on. That's it. Plus, you maintain full mobility within the cast cover (unlike pump-sealed solutions/see photos below).

Shower Cast Cover

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DryCAST is used and trusted by thousands. It’s recommended by doctors across the country, and even used by the U.S. Army and Navy.

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DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust DryCAST-Difference Same Day Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST

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