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Drycast Waterproof Cast Cover for Swimming / Arm


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With Bloccs there is no need for a pump. You can still move in the protector. Your kids are not afraid, your limb is not frozen.
Unlike Waterproof casts, with Bloccs you do not have to wait for it to dry out, you can immediately return to the water.

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The Bloccs cast cover for swimming lets you have fun in the pool with your cast!

With it's patented design, the Bloccs swimming cast cover is easy to put on, easy to take off and keeps the water out so you and your kids can have fun in the sun! 

  • Easy to slide on and off
  • 100% waterproof with water-tight seal
  • Reusable
  • Made from the same latex material as wet suits
  • Perfect for the beach or the pool
  • Copied but never duplicated

No need for pumps!

Unlike other cast covers that require awkward pumps in order to put them on, the Bloccs swimming cast cover requires no pumps and goes on super easy! Plus, you maintain full motion of your arm and fingers. With pumps, a result is your hand is often frozen! Yikes! Not Bloccs! No way. No how. No pumps. No frozen arms. Just fun in the pool!

Also may be used to keep bandages dry.

Bloccs Swim, splash and keep on having fun!


TO PUT ON (Psst...it's so simple!)

  1. Remove any sharp jewelry and smooth out all rough edges on your cast to prevent tearing the Bloccs diaphragm.
  2. Using your thumb, stretch the opening to make room to insert your cast.
  3. Insert your arm into the Bloccs cast cover.
  4. Gently remove any air from the protector by holding the seal open as you slowly lower your arm into the pool. The pressure of the water will push out the air through the seal at the top. Once all the air is out, slowly release the seal and make sure it's tight and smooth all around your arm. 
  • Use for up to 30 minutes at a time with 15 minute breaks.
  • Regularly check the cast cover to ensure the seal is intact and watertight.
  • Not intended for long distance swimming or diving.


  1. Come out of the water.
  2. Gently release the seal.


Wash in warm water.
Dry carefully inside and out.
Never place the protector in the dryer.

Contains latex.

Bloccs is a single patient use medical product. Please do not share your cast cover.

DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust Free Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST
DryCAST-Difference Trusted By Doctors 25 Years of Trust DryCAST-Difference Same Day Shipping Satisfaction Guaranteed Sizing Help Special offers from DryCAST

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