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Expert Cast Tips: Cast Care Do’s and Don’ts

15 August, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

As most cast wearers will tell you, broken bones, fractured limbs, and wearing a cast can be a real pain…but if you follow these expert cast care tips, you can ensure that your cast does its job, that your bones heal properly, and that you are on the road to a full and speedy recovery.

Almost everyone knows that an integral part of cast care includes keeping your cast dry, clean, and protected. But do you know what to do when skin is itchy under a cast, what action to take in the case of swelling, what cast danger signs to watch for, when to call the doctor, or what the rules of driving with a cast are?

To give you the full scoop on how to care for your cast, here is a list of cast care “do’s” and “don’ts” from the experts:

Cast Care Do’s

  • Do keep your cast clean and dry at all times
  • Do stay away from sand and dirt
  • Do elevate your fractured arm or leg or apply ice if there is mild swelling
  • Do exercise the joints which are not immobilized by your cast and wiggle uninjured fingers or toes inside your cast frequently
  • Do cover the edges of your cast with adhesive tape if your skin becomes red or irritated
  • Do read up about types of fractures, different types of casts, and treatment for fractures
  • Do check for cracks
  • Do keep foreign objects out of your cast
  • Do keep an eye out for cast complications
  • Do call your doctor or visit the emergency room if: your limbs turn blue, white or purple; your toes or fingers tingle; you cannot feel or move your fingers/toes; the skin around the edges of your cast becomes raw or red; your cast becomes tight and painful; your cast has a foul smell
  • Do invest in a high-quality cast protector which allows you to bathe, shower, and swim without having to worry about getting your cast wet
  • Do use special anti-itch spray to relieve itchiness and foul odors under your cast
  • Do blow cool air from a fan or hairdryer into your cast to relieve itchy/sweaty
  • skin
  • Do call your doctor if you think you have a pressure sore or skin infection
  • Do invest in cast mobility to aids designed to help you walk, eat, drink, dress, drive, reach, grip, and write while wearing a cast
  • Do protect your children’s cast with a 100% waterproof kids cast cover, allowing them to jump, play, fully submerge under water, and not miss out any of the fun while their broken bones and injuries heal

Cast Care Don’ts

  1. Do not stick foreign objects inside a cast (i.e. pens, pencils, coat hangers) to scratch skin and relieve itchiness as this may injure the underlying skin or lead to an infection
  2. Do not use lotions, powder, or oils near or inside the opening of your cast
  3. Do not alter your cast (i.e. remove padding or cotton lining)
  4. Do not trim or break off cast edges
  5. Do not play in the sand while wearing a cast
  6. Do not ignore cast danger signs, including a wet cast, a loose cast, a cracked cast, cast tightness or pain, burning, numb or tingling feeling, red/raw skin around the edges of the cast, swelling, a warm spot on the cast, drainage, foul odors, bleeding, skin or nails near the cast turn blue or purple, inability to move fingers or toes inside the cast
  7. Do not depend on plastic bags or plastic wrap to keep your cast dry in the bath or shower; invest in a high-quality cast protector or cast cover
  8. Do not lean on or push on a cast, which can cause it to break
  9. Do not drive with a cast unless your insurance policy covers you

Finally, after following these important cast care tips, if you find that wearing a cast is putting a damper on your spirits, try adding some flair and fun to your cast with cast decoration. Nowadays you can stylize your cast with trendy and fashionable cast covers, including designer cast covers, cast tattoos, and cast protectors in a rainbow of colors.

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