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Cast Fashion: Cast Protectors With a Flair

10 July, 2013 1 comments Leave a comment

If your cast is casting a damper on your sense of fashion, it’s time to learn all about cast decoration and what you can do to give your cast a new look and a flash of flair. From designer cast covers to cast tattoos to cast protectors in every color under the rainbow, orthopedic function and fashion are coming together like never before.

With sports athletes, personal trainers, and celebrities such as Kelly Ripa (Live with Kelly and Michael) publicly singing the praises of their custom casts and designer-colored crutches, modern cast covers are making a fashion statement of their own in addition to making the headlines. Fashion-forward cast covers are trendy rather than tacky, and include designs which glitter, glow, feature vibrant prints and patterns, and which can be hand-picked to match your favorite outfits.

Traditionally, casts and cast covers weren't always this pretty. The first orthopedic casts were made from cotton bandages soaked in a white plaster called Plaster of Paris. Drying and hardening to form a protective layer around the fractured bones, plaster casts (which are sometimes still used today) are notoriously heavy and bulky looking. Newer fiberglass casts are stronger, lighter, and cooler than their plaster counterparts. However, the popular white color lacks personality and any sense of pizzazz. (Many fiberglass casts come in cool colors.)

Revolutionizing the realm of orthopedic healing and making the process of mending broken bones easier to bear - and a lot more fun - are innovative products such as personalized cast protectors, fabric arm and leg cast covers, and cast tattoos. Easy to apply with a little bit of heat, cast tattoos work much like any other adhesive decal and are designed to transform casts from clumsy to cool and from drab to dapper or divine.

When it comes to protecting your cast, however, high fashion is no substitute for high quality. An effective cast protector should offer cast wearers a customized fit, a water-tight seal to prevent casts from getting wet, should be made from a durable material that  provides fractured bones and limbs the support they need to heal, and should easily stretch over a cast for easy application and removal.

The strongest cast protectors are 100% waterproof when fully submerged, allowing cast wearers to bathe, shower, swim, go to the beach, and enjoy a wide range of sports and activities without fear of their cast getting wet. This is an especially important feature in cast covers for kids, who no longer have to miss out on the fun-in-the-sun as their broken limbs or sprained ankles heal.

Whether you decorate your cast to give it a new-fangled look, opt for a cool cast tattoo, or go whimsical with some wild cast cover colors, cast fashion is a great way to make a statement and to add some fun and good cheer to your cast wearing experience.


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  1. Debbieann July 27, 2013

    Essays like this are so important to brenodaing people’s horizons.

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